ClickViz Analytics

We recognize the wealth of opportunities which can be unlocked in the petroleum industry if expert data analytics strategies are utilized, and our goal is to help your company see the possibilities. In 2010, ClickViz was founded by Dean Le, a petroleum engineering professional, in Calgary, Alberta. The consulting company was established with the commitment to help oil and gas companies take full advantage of their resources by integrating customized solutions to consolidate, curate, and utilize their data for superior performance and productivity.

Our team of highly proficient petroleum engineering professionals at ClickViz have decades of experience, technology exposure and industry capability. We are eager to collaborate with your information technology team and business units to deliver customized data solutions.

Dean Le, P.Eng – Founder, Principal Consultant

Dean is a pioneering force in ClickViz – the dynamic founder and current principal consultant of the company. He believes that with exceptional data analytics capabilities, companies can gain significant efficiency, improve planning and execution, and ultimately save time and money. Creating ClickViz is the tangible reality of his goal to show oil and gas companies the powerful advantages of incorporating data analytics technology to achieve greater and sustainable success.

A graduate of Montana Tech of the University of Montana with a Petroleum Engineering degree, Dean has been unstoppable in exploring the different avenues of his chosen field. His experience in the industry spans ten prolific years, and he is knowledgeable in various engineering domains which include real-time technology systems, data management, data analytics, non-productive time analysis and prevention, drilling engineering software, directional well planning, offset and benchmarking analysis, and technical sales.


Kris Kaperi – Kaperi Energy Services

Kris’ choice of an adventurous career was evident from a very young age. At 14, he started his first computer repair business and since then, he has pursued engineering as a lifetime passion. With 10 years of productive experience in diverse fields including rig supervision, engineering, sales, and entrepreneurship, Kris exhibits strong and impactful leadership that the ClickViz team is known for. He is an innovator and ensures that developments in operations are on track 100% of the time.

Attaining his Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering at the University of Montana, Kris continues to share his expertise in various projects. He is an active member of The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA).  Kris lives for bold and daring opportunities both professionally and personally, and when a different kind of adventure presents itself, he hops on a plane with his backpack and travels the world.

Colin Macdonald – C.J. Macdonald Consulting Inc.

Colin, a petroleum engineer technologist with over a decade of experience in the oil and gas industry, is responsible for managing the implementation, development, marketing, and sales of highly advanced data analytics software for the innovation of reservoir and drilling engineering. His Petroleum Engineering technology diploma from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology has been applied in numerous areas in his profession.

He dedicated seven years of his career to product management, focusing on managing suites of drilling engineering technology from inception to execution. Keen and highly strategic, Colin is an expert in customer interaction, analyzing areas for development, and formulating strategic road maps for development to satisfy future market demands. Most recently, Colin persuaded US-based oil and gas technology companies to invest and launch their products and services in the Canadian market.

Shane Knutsvig – S. Knutsvig Consulting Inc.

Shane is a management expert with 26 years of experience under his belt. He established S. Knutsvig Consulting, a reputable consulting firm in North America which successfully delivered business and market development, and management consulting services to nine international E&P and Oilfield Service companies.

His career is remarkable and multi-faceted having mastered sales management, account management, business & market development, consulting, software development, and technology products and services support for over a couple of decades. To say that Shane is an asset to ClickViz is an understatement. His expertise is geared towards helping companies determine significant areas of improvement in order to optimize their business operations and yield results in efficiency and output. His 15 years of experience as a management consultant for chief executives of various companies in North America is proof of his capability to drive forward management initiatives within ClickViz.

 Jacob Boudreau – Gnovation Inc.

Jacob Boudreau successfully established Gnovation Inc. and currently, he is the principal consultant, a role which complements with his sufficient experience in data science and analytics, data management and oilfield service work. Collaborated with peers on both onshore and offshore projects for a diverse clientele in the energy industry, Jacob is a consistent leader – innovative, clever, and with excellent foresight. He spearheaded numerous software implementation, process upgrades, and integration projects.

His professional track record encompasses optimizing the utilization of well life cycle systems, streamlining data strategies, and designing custom solutions to analytics challenges that improve operations, minimize trial and error, and benefit the entire company in the long run. The diversity of Jacob’s background enables him to strategically and comprehensively align all aspects of energy data collection and analysis from the field, to the QAQC, validation process, up to the reporting and big picture analytics which generates valuable insights for enhanced and systematic operations.